Ex-Apple employee prosecuted for conspiring with Asian suppliers


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Former Apple employee, Paul Devine, has pleaded guilty to charges of passing secret product information onto Asian suppliers.

Devine’s actions lead to Asian suppliers being able to negotiate favourable contracts with Apple, effectively running up its costs.  

According to the BBC, “Mr Devine admitted that the loss to Apple from his actions was more than $2m (£1.2m).”

Mr. Devine’s position at Apple prior to the allegations was global supply manager – a position he held from 2005 to 2010.

Devine was arrested in August after Apple, according to the BBC, found incriminating emails in which he “agreed to be paid for providing inside information.”

Devine pleaded guilty to the charges ­– wire fraud, conspiracy and money laundering – on Monday in a San Jose federal court.

Devine is also reported to have given up $2.8 million in money and property.


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