EA: Digital accounts for 40 per cent world games market


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EA believes digital sales, which includes the App Store, Xbox Live, PSN, Facebook and Steam, now account for 40 per cent of games market.

If the assumption is correct it would suggest 2010 is a record year for gaming, in terms of revenue, going against the findings by the likes of NPD and GfK Chart-Track.

Accepted research suggests the market has been in steady decline since 2008. GfK Chart-Track valued the 2010 UK games market at £2.88 billion. In 2009 the value was £3.31 billion and 2008 a much greater £4.04 billion.

According to Industry Gamers, in a management meeting with Sterne Agee, EA said NPD’s numbers are becoming far less relevant, as they are reliant on High Street boxed sales and not digital.

Bear in mind Apple generated around $1.8 billion in revenue from its App Store and we know a large portion of downloads are games.

Regardless of whether EA is right with its figure, it’s clear a great deal of money is coming from digital sales, and without it being properly accounted for it’s difficult to guage just how well video games are doing in the UK.

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