E3: Details of Gameloft’s Real Tennis 2009


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Gameloft as given hands on previews of iPhone sports game Real Tennis 2009 at this year’s E3, and you can check out a gameplay video of it below.

It’s a 3D realistic tennis game that’s reported to be headed to the App Store within the next week or so and, judging by the Real series’ excellent reputation, it should be a corker.

Real Tennis 2009 features 7 stadiums set across the world, including ones in New York and Paris. The different courts also have varying surfaces that’ll affect the behaviour of the ball- grass, clay and synthetic surfaces will test your tennis skills.

It also features local WiFi multiplayer, meaning that you’ll be able to play against friends and family with different devices, as long as you’re on the same connection.

We’re most interested in seeing how you control your player in Real Tennis 2009, but it shouldn’t be too long a wait considering it could be available on the App Store within a week.

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