Do You Really Need Anything More Than A Moto G4?


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Millions of people spend A LOT of money on phones every single year. More often than not they get these phones on contracts from networks, which means they’re effectively leasing the handset (as well as paying for data and calls and the like).

Now, leasing is OK (although it’s not something I’d ever do) when you’re talking about cars and vans. But when it comes to phones, do you really need to spend ALL that money on a handset – or just make do with something cheaper?

The cost of a new iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S7 is high – you’re looking at £600/$800, basically. This figure is way too high for most people to pay for outright, hence the contract (lease) deals pushed by networks and carriers, but people do seem to love their phones.

But is there another way?

I’d argue, yes – though it does depend on what you want from a phone. If you’re used to having a best in class camera, for instance, downgrading to a lower-cost model might not be ideal.

I love flagship phones. I only ever use them. But I made a deal with myself a few years ago that I would buy the phone outright, shop around for the best rolling monthly tariff and then, once it comes time to upgrade, sell that handset, which I’d kept in good knick, and use the money to purchase the latest model.

But over the past few years of testing phones, I’ve noticed something. Budget Android phones are getting VERY impressive. In fact, the latest Moto G4 handset was so good I had no issues using it for a good couple of months; the G4 looks gorgeous, has great software and performs like a champ.


I didn’t even miss my Nexus 6P… well, Okay, maybe a little.

But what I’m getting at here is something that has changed in the past few years: cheap phones are no longer crap; quite the contrary, actually. They’re now pretty darn good and if you’re looking to be more fiscally responsible in 2017 or you just don’t want to fork out for a brand new, costly iPhone or Android phone, handsets like the Moto G4 are most definitely the way forward.

Moto G4: Does It Suit ALL Users?

No – definitely not. As I said earlier, if you like having the best of the best, or you use an iPhone, switching to handset like the Moto G4 might seem a little regressive (even if you’re saving money).

But if you’re more of a casual user who just wants a decent phone that can do smartphone-like things (web browsing, apps, buying stuff, gaming, video, email), then the Moto G4 starts to make a lot of sense. Fiscally and in terms of functionality.

Motorola is also exceptional with its Android updates; Moto handsets get Android updates faster than any other brand of Android phones, including Samsung. Moto phones run Android in stock configuration as well, so it’s nice and simple to use just as Google intended.


And best of all the Moto G4 DOES NOT look like a budget phone. Like, at all. It is a great-looking Android phone that is well built and styled brilliantly. It also comes in a range of colour options, so you can customise the way it looks to a degree that just isn’t possible on most handsets.

I genuinely love this phone. I love what Motorola (under Google first, then Lenovo) is doing with its handsets. The company seems to know instinctively what consumers want from phones; everything in these handsets is optimised for normal use by normal people. Anything superfluous is omitted and the savings are then passed on to you, the consumer.

Basically, if you’re looking for a solid, cost-effective Android phone there really is only one handset you need to be looking at. And it goes by the name of the Moto G4.

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