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I adore my HTC Desire. I am pretty sure I have waxed lyrical on this point before but I really do.

After resisting the lure of the iPhone for so long due to my issues with the company’s pretty closed approach to things – Adobe Flash for example – I was always left with a lacklustre smartphone that my colleagues took joy in mocking me for.

When the HTC Desire hit the shelves in April, I rocked up at the shop on the day of its release and finally felt I had joined the modern age. I had a phone that looked great, worked fantastically and was more than capable of living up to its Apple-based rival.

It is six months down the line now and up until last week I still adored my Desire, even with the few glitches that had surfaced over that time. But could I be left happy in the knowledge my phone was a truly up to date competitor? No. HTC decided now was the time to release a souped-up version of my trusty device, the HTC Desire HD.

You may wonder why I am coming across as angry, surely as a HTC fan I should be pleased? Well, the problem is now I have played with the HD, my Desire just doesn’t live up to it and now I know I am a generation behind again.

The HD is so very pretty. The screen, oh my the screen, may be on the large side but it works so beautifully. In fact the whole device just works beautifully and all those little bits of lag on my old device I could put up with, now leave me filled with rage.

Everything I wanted the Desire to be and it only just missed out on, the HD delivers on.

Nice one HTC, now I have to ruin my bank balance to keep up with your gorgeous handsets. Damn you.

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