Cut the Rope to be the next Angry Birds?


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Cut the Rope, an iPhone puzzle game from ZeptoLab, has hit the impressive one million download mark in the ten days since its release, hinting it may just become the next Angry Birds.

“Cut the Rope’s popularity has skyrocketed throughout recent days as fans eagerly share with others how addictive and fun the gameplay is on iOS devices,” explains Chris Byatte, Director of Chillingo.

In Cut the Rope, the idea is to feed a frog sweets. This is done by cutting ropes, hence the name. Like so many good iPhone games, it sounds awful but a book should not be judged by its cover, or premise in this case. We reviewed Cut the Rope very recently, and believe us, some of our team have been battling an addiction ever since.

Although Angry Birds has over six million downloads to its name, on iPhone alone – the number probably far higher if you included other platforms, its rise to number one was far less instant. Whether Cut the Rope has the momentum to better it depends entirely on a constant flow of new content.

Which it looks like ZeptoLab is aware of, as “Coming soon” appears once you better the game.

Cut the Rope is available now from the App Store, for 59p and £1.19 on iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad, respectively.

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