Coconut Dodge coming to iPad in March


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During a recent visit to EA Mobile’s London office we found out the news Coconut Dodge is coming to iPad in March.

Though the company couldn’t be more specific, we did get to give the game a blast, and boy are we are glad we did.

Coconut Dodge on iPad remains largely unchanged when compared with from the original Playstation version. The premise still involves running from left to right, collecting gold coins whilst avoiding being hit on the head by a coconut and it also happens to look great.

There are two game modes, one which has 30 levels to claw your way through, and Maze Master. In this mode, you have to beat a certain score and this usually involves collecting the hard-to-reach treasures in a section of maze. As these mazes come from the main game, they will be recognisable.

One particular level we tried involved dashing very quickly from left to right, collecting diamons to beat the required score. It was a whole lot of fun because you get a great deal of satisfaction from finally getting the timing right needed to avoid the coconuts.

For competition, you can compare scores on Facebook. There’s no Game Center or OpenFeint support at this time, but maybe that will change closer to its release.

From our first impressions we can see Coconut Dodge is still as addictive as it was on PSN. For short, sharp bouts of gaming fun this could well be a great choice for your iPad.

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