Circuit Strike.One released on App Store


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Chillingo’s long awaited iPhone shooter Circuit Strike.One has been released on the App Store, currently priced at just 59p.

It’s a top-down 2.5D space shooter where you control a tiny ship as it flies through the game’s neon-infused world. Although several games that look like Circuit Strike.One have cruised onto the App Store, this example stands out thanks to its use of music.

Sound in Circuit Strike.One synchronises with the action, meaning that as you slow down time, a special power within the game, the tempo of the music slows right down too. Although largely a stylistic choice, it should help you draw you into the intense, high scores-driven experience Circuit Strike.One offers.

Although it’s currently very cheap, the 59p price point is only an introductory offer. It currently has some issues with lag, but if you’re interested in trying out this stylish shooter, now’s the time to jump on the bandwagon.

For more on publisher Chillingo, have a read of our interview with company co-founder Joe Wee.

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