BlackBerry Storm 3 likely to run QNIX OS


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Jefferies & Co, a top U.S analyst company has stated it expects RIM to release the Storm 3 device to bolster the firms numbers through its next two quarters.

Rumours that the Storm 3 had been cancelled surfaced last week, amid speculation that RIM had chosen to cut its losses with the device which was in the closing stages of its development.

Not only is the release believed to be going ahead now, but the device is also expected to ship with RIM’s new and highly lauded QNIX based OS, which was shown off during the official unveiling of their PlayBook tablet, last month.

Jefferies acknowledged the speculation surrounding the cancellation but claimed it was wide of the mark, stating that the cancellation which was confirmed in official paperwork was for a revision of the Storm 3 device, not the entire project.

Via EWeek.

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