BlackBerry 10.2 turns BlackBerry Z30 in desktop PC


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BlackBerry 10.2 has some interesting features and it seems the more people dig the more emerges that’s worth knowing about. Two such pieces of functionality are the USB Host Mode and Miracast, which between them let you set your BlackBerry phone up like a desktop computer.

BlackBerry developer and evangelist Don Turner posted a demonstration video on YouTube showing the BlackBerry Z30 with BlackBerry 10.2 using USB Host Mode to link up with a keyboard, mouse and SD card reader, and Miracast to link up to a monitor.


Turner showcases how a mouse pointer will appear, allowing you to use it to operate BlackBerry 10’s interface as you would with touchscreen operation, you can also use the keyboard to type text in BBM, or indeed anywhere else. The SD card reader means you can import video or other media content (though you could also do this via the handset’s microSD, admittedly).

The Miracast functionality means everything can be beamed to a monitor, so you can watch films, play games or get some work done on the big screen. The functionality is a potential boon for BYOD users or those looking to minimise the number of devices they need for work or entertainment. Industry analysts have been saying for some time that, eventually, you won’t need a desktop PC and smartphones will take over. This, it would appear, is how it’ll happen.

This functionality, paired with the fact that on BlackBerry 10.2 you can sideload Android  Jelly Bean compatible apps means the platform is offering quite a diverse set of smartphone and computing options.

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