Best games optimised for iPad 2


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Today sees the launch of the iPad 2 in the US, which means the gates are officially open for importing a device. Some of you may well be awaiting yours to arrive with baited breath.

Or maybe you are waiting contently for March 25 for the UK launch so you can meander down to your nearest Apple Store to give Steve Jobs another £500-odd smackaroons. If that’s the case, we’ve chosen five games we’d love to see optimised on the iPad 2 to keep you entertained while you wait by the letter box.

Infinity Blade

Since its inception, Infinity Blade has been quite the App Store sensation. Boasting already incredible Unreal Engine 3 graphics that rivals, often surpasses current generation console offerings, this is the game to show off the power of the iPad and iPhone.

Apart from incredible looks, Infinity Blade can easily hold its own when it comes to gameplay. In fact, we awarded it mighty five-star rating and said, “Its allure may not last for all eternity, but Infinity Blade is unquestionably one of the best games yet released on the iPhone.”

To make things even sweeter, the Deathless Kings update was recently added, removing the previous level cap and adding more enemies and weapons in the process.

If there is one game that raised the benchmark and should do so again on the forthcoming iPad 2 and iPhone, it’s Chair Games’ Infinity Blade.


Real Racing 2

Gran Turismo 5 boasts some of the finest visuals in a racing game ever, and we’d like to see it given some competition. After all, Real Racing 2 represents the iPad’s most realistic racing simulator.

With even better, more detailed visuals under the hood, the iPad 2 version could give GT5 a run for its money, and in the process give a lot of Real Racing fans the eye-candy they deserve.

As luck would have it, Firemint recently confirmed it has been working on a more graphically intensive version. It’s as if they heard our prayers.


Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Shadow Vanguard

Although the title reads Tom Clancy’s Rainbox Six: Shadow Vanguard, we could’ve put any Gameloft title here. Why, you ask? Because Gameloft just got into bed with Epic Games, giving it access to the impressive Unreal Engine 3 graphics engine.

Gameloft has yet to announce the two games it is releasing this year that will utilise the technology, or even the two due for release in the following year, so we can only guess what they may be.

Our bets? We wouldn’t be surprised to see a big franchise like Tom Clancy treated to the Unreal graphical goodness, but we have a hunch the next Modern Combat game is a ‘dead cert’.

Considering Gameloft does a pretty damn good job with its games now, a combination of the iPad 2 and fantastic visuals could be a match made in video game heaven.


AR.Drone and AR.Pursuit

Considering all the fuss it’s a relief we no longer have to write about iPad 2 camera rumours. Unlike the iPad, which didn’t have any camera to speak of, the iPad has two of them.

This opens up a whole can of worms in gaming because there are some great opportunities to be had from having one. Adding your face to a character is just one of many tricks we’ve seen and enjoyed on the Nintendo DS.

Of all the augmented reality games, AR.Pursuit is as cool as it is expensive. And even though the £300-odd AR.Drone device has a built-in camera, which you control from your iPhone or iPad 2, it would be great if you some clever gameplay mechanic could come from having twice the camera action.

Failing that, Apple has just opened the doors to all developers of augmented reality games, which is good for video game-makers and game-players alike.

Angry Birds 3D

No, not the 3D everyone keeps banging on about – something to do with that 3DS handheld thingy Nintendo is launching. We’re talking about good-old fashioned 3D graphics! The sort that keeps Polyphony Digital in business.

Imagine a 3D version of Angry Birds. It would represent a whole new beginning for the popular game and what would be a better time to break out of the mould than during the release of the iPad 2?

Maybe we’re asking too much, but as they say, ask for a horse and you get a dog. We’d happily settle for an improved Angry Birds 2D outing, which may well be what we are getting if these screenshots are real.


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