Arkanoid Evolution released on mobile


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EA Mobile has released Arkanoid Evolution. Based on the classic 80s arcade game, Arkanoid Evolution takes the popular breakout formula and nudges it up a few notches.

You’re still controlling a bat and have to deflect a ball until it destroys all the brick on-screen, but Arkanoid Evolution adds new features and clever structuring to bring it up to date.

It’s packed with three different modes. The first is for quick games  of instant action, while the Mission mode has 55 levels set over five different zones. For the more seasoned player, there’s also Time Attack, which only gives you a limited number of seconds before you have to hit your next brick.

Arkanoid Evolution also features unlockable advanced bats, with their own weapons and powers. The game’s available now on some games portals, and should be zooming onto the rest soon. We’ll be taking an in-depth look at the Arkanoid Evolution and will be back with a review soon.

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