Apple’s Super-Cheap iPad 9.7in WILL Launch In 2018


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Apple could be preparing to launch a new iPad in 2018 and it might be the cheapest ever, if sources inside Asian supply networks prove correct.

The word comes via DigiTimes and its sources, which are pegged as “related upstream suppliers”, so needless to say we advise you keep a salt shaker handy. Nonetheless, it’s a compelling idea well worth keeping an eye on, as the report claims Apple will price the new 9.7in iPad at a mere $259.

In March 2017, Apple launched what was then the cheapest iPad to date, another 9.7in sized edition for the new year with a price tag of $329. Next year’s model looks to undercut that starting RRP quite significantly.

Is this simply another sign of the declining tablet market, or is Apple onto some kind of clever trick here?

The sources go on to add that Apple’s plans for a launch place it inside the second quarter of 2018, so that’s between April and June. At present there are no clues about specs of features, but we suspect in order to reach that lower price point it won’t be as feature rich as existing Apple tablet devices.

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