Apple iPad is cheaper than Motorola Xoom at Carphone Warehouse


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Carphone Warehouse has reduced the price of its first-generation iPads, making the 32GB version £100 cheaper than the Motorola Xoom.

The Motorola Xoom may only be on pre-order, but its £599.99 price tag is a whopping ton more than the iPad’s.

In fact, the 64GB iPad 3G + Wi-Fi is available for twenty smackers less than the 32GB Xoom, giving you more bang for your buck if you’re concerned about storage.

However, Carphone Warehouse will throw in a £25 charging dock with Moto’s tablet.

The iPad will be shipped now, while you’ll have to wait until April for the Xoom.

For those who don’t mind paying the same price for an Apple product, you’ll be able to get the iPad 2 from March 25, although prices haven’t been confirmed yet.

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