Apple iPad 2: All you need to know


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Apple has finally launched the iPad 2. Want to know what it’s about? Take a look at our roundup below.

Apple iPad 2 Apple iPad 2 pictures
We take a look at all the official Apple iPad 2 pictures

Apple iPad 2 official specs
Full Apple iPad 2 official specs

Why we love the iPad 2
We explain why we love the Apple iPad 2 (in principle)

iPad 2: What’s still missing
We take a look at the features that are still missing from the iPad 2

Best iPad gaming features of the iPad 2
In the wake of the iPad 2 announcement, we take a look at what the tablet may mean for iOS gaming

Apple iOS4.3 coming March 11
Apple’s iOS4.3 update is coming March 11

The iPad 2: It’s official
The rumours and speculation has been rampant, but it can all finally be put to rest as Steve Jobs has unleashed the iPad 2 tablet

Apple iPad 2 to cost the same as original iPad
Steve Jobs has announced the Apple iPad 2 will not only have the same batter life, it will cost the same price, too

Apple iPad 2 launching March 25
The iPad 2 will launch March 25 in 26 countries, including the UK

Apple attacks Google’s Android Honeycomb OS
Steve Jobs has attacked Google Android Honeycomb, for only having 100 apps available

Apple iPad 2 top Apple ships 100 million iPhones, 15 million iPads
Speaking at the Apple Launch Event, Steve Jobs told onlookers over 100 million iPhone have shipped

100 million iBooks downloaded on the iPad
100 million iBooks have been downloaded for the iPad according to Apple

Live Blog: iPad 2 announcement
We’re live at the iPad 2 launch in London

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