Apple iOS4.3 coming March 11


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Apple’s iOS 4.3 update is coming on March 11 – the same day as the iPad 2 in the US.

iOS 4.3 features a whole load of new goodies including an optimised version of Safari with faster loading times, wireless synching with other iOS devices such as the iPhone and improved AirPlay functionality.

In terms of extra value software, iMovie will be coming to the iPad, with precision multi-track audio editor and the ability to upload to websites in HD.

Photobooth is also coming to the iPad along with GarageBand. iTunes home sharing will allow you to play your iTunes library from anywhere in the house over a Wi-Fi network.

You’ll be able to choose whether you want the rotation lock to mute or rotation lock according to your preference too.

Apple is currently launching the iPad 2 – take a look at our live blog for the gossip as it happens!

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