Apple developing long life battery solution


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Apple is reported to be developing an Electromagnetic Induction System for its mobile devices with the aim of extending battery life.

All this talk of Electromagnetic Induction System does sound very ‘technical’ and, unfortunately, it is. But if it extends your battery life then who cares, right?

The news comes via Patently Apple who managed to get its hands on a patent report filed by Apple that details the induction technology, as well as additional reports on Printed Coils and Movable Magnets.

Here’s Patently Apple’s take on Apple’s Electromagnetic Induction System:

“Apple’s patent is all about systems for harnessing power through electromagnetic induction utilizing printed coils.”

“A system could include one or more moveable magnets adjacent to printed coils on a circuit. For example, a system could include one or more magnets that are operative to move alongside a circuit board that includes printed coils.”

“The one or more magnets may move, for example, when a user shakes the system or when the user walks or runs while holding the device. The movement of the one or more magnets may create an electromotive force (e.g., a voltage) across the printed coils, and this force may be used to generate electric power.” 

Sounds interesting, but what about those ‘Movable Magnets’?

“According to Apple’s patent, one or more moveable magnets may be used to harness power through electromagnetic induction. For example, a system may include a single magnet adjacent to one side of a coil array.”

“In another example, a system may include a first magnet adjacent to a side of a coil array and a second magnet adjacent to an opposite side of the coil array. The two magnets may move freely alongside the printed coils or they may be coupled together so that they move in unison.”

We’re looking forward to hearing more about these developments, something needs to change in the battery market – it’s been lagging behind technical developments for quite some time now.

Lets just hope Apple can bring some of that trademark innovation to this often neglected area of technology.

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