Angry Birds reaches 30 million downloads


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Rovio’s Angry Birds has seen more than 30 million downloads across iOS and Android since it first burst onto the App Store.

The halloween version of the physics-based game hit 1 million downloads in six days.

10 million of the 30 milion downlaods are paid for, the remaining include downloads of the Lite demo version and the ad-supported version on Android.

If you haven’t heard of Angry Birds, it’s probably best you listen up.

Possibly the most addictive mobile game ever, you have to catapult various birds through the air to knock down structures and kill green pigs.

Different bird types have different powers – some can bomb, some drop eggs, while others speed through the air to cause as much destructin as possible.

As if the download rates of Angry Birds wasn’t enough to show its popularity, Rovio will be putting its plush toys on sale today, according to Mobile Entertainment.

Angry Birds is now available on Symbian^3 too.

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