Amazon’s “Interesting Finds” Is The Perfect Place For Gift Shopping


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I only just discovered it, but Amazon’s Interesting Finds is fantastic for finding random gifts, cool, new products and things you otherwise might not have heard of before.

I ALWAYS struggle when buying gifts for friends and family; I can never ever decide on what to get them. I trawl Amazon, usually, looking for things but seldom find what I am looking for.

Part of the reason for this is that Amazon’s website, despite being one of the best retail portals on the planet, is kind of clunky to navigate around unless you know what type of product you’re looking for.

So when I found Amazon’s Interesting Finds, I was super impressed because this is an area in Amazon where Amazon collates all of its most interesting products. It’s full of unusual stuff that will make excellent gifts for pretty much anybody.

Most of it is cheap – under $30 – though there’s plenty of premium stuff too. You can also switch between several sections: Fun, Home, Women, Men. If you see something you like, simply add it to the MY section if you don’t want to buy it right away.

What I Use Amazon Interesting Finds For


Gifts, basically. Whether work colleagues, friends or family. If I’m drawing a blank this is my first port of call.

I always find something novel, unique and interesting. And, best of all, nine times out of ten it doesn’t cost that much money, either, which is always a good thing.

There’s tons of accessories, office toys, fridges, toys and the like in their. I don’t know how Amazon curates it but whoever or whatever does it always keeps things interesting.

You could do your entire Christmas shop in here right now.

I recently moved house and needed to get some stuff for my home office. I had zero ideas about how I wanted the office to look, however, once I’d spent a few minutes flicking around Amazon’s Interesting Things I started to get some cool ideas about stuff I wanted to get for it.

Amazon Interesting Finds kind of reminds me of Pinterest. It’s all about the images; they draw you in and help you find stuff really quickly, as you always go for things that simply catch your eye.

The only thing that really annoys me about Amazon’s Interesting Finds is that I only just discovered it! This would have been so helpful a few months ago when I was doing my Christmas shopping; I can’t tell you the amount of time I spent aimlessly wandering around shopping malls.

With this I could have done it all in one sitting!

Do yourself a favour and check out Amazon’s Interesting Finds. I promise you won’t regret it – especially if you’re a rubbish shopper like me!

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