Amazon Kindle Oasis Gets Official with MASSIVE Price Tag


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Amazon has taken the wraps of its brand new Kindle, the Kindle Oasis. It features a nifty new design, some new features, a better display and a bloody HUGE price tag.

Priced at £270, the Kindle Oasis is by far the most expensive product of its kind on market. Previous Kindle releases were decidedly cheaper, a big factor behind their popularity with people all over the world.

Here’s what Big Jeff had to say on the matter: 

“To lean back and read for hours, you need a sanctuary from distraction. We want Kindle to disappear, and Kindle Oasis is the next big step in that mission. It’s the most advanced Kindle we’ve ever built—thin and ultra-lightweight, it gets out of the way so you can lose yourself in the author’s world.”

You can pick one Kindle model up for £50, for instance, which is about the perfect price for an e-reader. I use my Kindle Paperwhite every day. I love it — almost as much as my phone. But would I pay £270 for a new one? Probably not.

So what do you get for your £270?

Well, there’s a brand new design, of course, which you can see below, and, yes, it does look very, very nice. I like the way the side gently slopes away from one side to the other, I get why they incorporated a larger bezel on one side, and I also like that Amazon has kept the screen size the same.


I just can’t get my head around the pricing. I mean, I get that this is a more premium affair — it does come in a leather case as well — but £270 is still a hell of a lot of more for just an e-reader. You could buy a phone or table for that kind of money. The OnePlus 2, for instance.

The Oasis’ display is more powerful than 2014’s Voyage, thanks to the inclusion of 60% more LEDs for more brightness options. This means you can adjust it more precisely, depending on the environment you’re reading in, but it is not colour and is also isn’t waterproof, contrary to previous rumours.

Here are the Oasis’ five stand out features, according to Amazon:

Our thinnest and lightest Kindle ever–read even more comfortably for hours
All-new ergonomic design with dedicated buttons to effortlessly turn the page
Longest Kindle battery life–the included leather charging cover boosts battery to last months. Choose from a black, merlot, or walnut removable cover.
High-resolution 300 ppi display with crisp, laser quality text. Reads like real paper without glare, even in direct sunlight.
Enhanced built-in adjustable light evenly illuminates the screen for perfect reading anywhere, anytime

The Amazon Kindle Oasis is now available for pre-order before its April 27 release date.

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