32GB iPad 2 costs $326.60, says BOM report


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The production cost of Apple’s iPad 2 has been revealed online – it costs Apple $326.60 to build each 32GB iPad 2 WiFi + 3G device.

The figures come via the latest BOM research by iSuppli.

Interestingly, the new iPad 2 only costs $6 more to make than the original 32GB iPad Wi-Fi + 3G device, despite some significantly dearer components, such as Apple’s A5 dual core processor.

The most costly component of the new iPad 2 device is its touchscreen panel, according to iSuppli, which costs $127 ­– that’s $32 more than the one present on the original.

Apple has also upped the battery as well to ensure that all-important 10 hours of battery life remains, despite the second-gen iPad 2’s increased processing power.

Most surprising though is the cost of the cameras, which come to just $4.30 in the overall cost of the device.

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