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iPadOS 15: The Best Features Coming To Your iPad


The iPad’s operating system is getting a major boost. Here’s what you can expect from iPadOS 15. Apple has unveiled what the major new features of the iPad’s iPadOS 15 operating system will be. And there’s a TON of them. Of course, those hoping the iPad would run macOS or…

All the latest mobile tablet news about the biggest and best brands – from Apple’s iPad and iPad Pro to Samsung’s range of tablet devices, as well as Android tablets from major players like Huawei and Google. You’ll also find news about the best tablet and iPad deals, as well as detailed guides on how to use them properly.

The Latest Tablet News & Coverage

The tablet space is dominated by a few brands: Apple, Samsung, and Huawei. This wasn’t always the case; there used to be loads of brands in the tablet space, but the rise of Apple’s iPad (and Samsung’s to an extent) effectively closed off the market to smaller, less competitive brands.

Apple has a bunch of iPad tablets now. And so does Samsung with its ever-growing tablet range. Huawei makes Android tablets too. And if you’re interested in new tablets and tablet news, this is the place for you – we cover all the goings-on in the tablet market place.

We cover all the latest iPad leaks, the latest Samsung tablet news, and publish details on how to find and buy the best tablet for your exact news. So whether you’re looking for a new iPad Pro, an iPad Air, or an Android-powered tablet from Samsung, we got you covered.

We also cover developments in the Windows 10 market too, with coverage of Microsoft’s Surface devices as well as other hybrid Windows 10 machines that can also be used as tablets.

Samsung Tablet News

Next to Apple’s iPad, Samsung tablets are the next best choice for users. Samsung makes a range of tablets across a variety of price points. You have the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7, the Galaxy Tab S6, and the Samsung Galaxy Book which is a 12in Windows 10 hybrid machine.

Samsung’s tablet range is constantly growing too, so if you’re interested in Samsung tablets, keep it locked to this channel – you’ll find details about all the latest Samsung tablet leaks, news, and updates.

Apple iPad Coverage & Insights

Apple is the dominant brand in the tablet space. The company’s iPad range, now available in four distinct styles, across a range of price points, means there is now an iPad for every type of user from casual to professional users.

The iPad Pro is the most expensive iPad, while the iPad is the standard model that can be had for not much money at all. Apple updates its iPad every 12-18 months, so if you’re interested in iPad leaks, iPad Pro news, and details about new specs and features for future iPads, we have you covered.

Finding The Best Tablet

What is the best tablet for me? This is a common question asked by millions of people every month. Finding the best tablet for your needs depends on a range of factors: how much you want to spend, which ecosystem to prefer, whether you’re already using Android or iOS on your phone.

For most people, the iPad will be the perfect tablet for 99.9% of people; it’s cheap, it’s powerful, and it has the best selection of apps on the market. However, Samsung tablets are also very good, massively powerful, and also suitable for all kinds of users.

We discuss the differences between iPads and Samsung tablets in detail inside many of our blog posts. We highlight the differences between the two brands, the pros and cons of using both, and which one is best for certain types of users.

Cheap Android Tablets

If you want a tablet but you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you have plenty of options in the Android tablet space from brands like Samsung, Amazon, and Huawei.

Not all cheap Android tablets are created equally, however, some are definitely better than others. I would take a Samsung tablet over a cheap Amazon tablet any day of the week.

And the reason? Samsung’s software is way better than Amazon’s.

These are the kinds of things you need to know before buying a cheap Android tablet. Cheap does not have to mean “bad” – you can get excellent value for money, killer specs, and performance, and great software. You just have to know what to look for.

And that’s what we’re here to help you with.

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