iPad Pro (2020) vs iPad Air (3rd generation) – How Do Apple’s Tablets Compare?

By Michael Grothaus •  Updated: 03/19/20 •  5 min read

Apple introduced its newest flagship tablet for 2020–the new iPad Pro. There’s no doubt about it, the new iPad Pro is a stunning tablet. You can check out its coolest new features here.

But is the 2020 iPad Pro better than Apple’s other uber-popular tablet, the iPad Air (3rd generation)? Both are now on sale, so which should you buy? Here’s how they compare.

iPad Pro (2020) vs iPad Air (3rd generation) Quick Comparison

iPad Pro (2020) vs iPad Air (3rd generation)
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Winner? iPad Pro (2020) – The iPad Pro features an all-screen design with modern touches like support for the new trackpad keyboard, the Apple Pencil 2, and Face ID.


Winner? iPad Pro (2020) – The iPad Pro gives you the option of two display sizes, each of which are larger than the iPad Air. Those displays are also edge-to-edge thanks to Face ID.

2020 iPad Pro
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Winner? iPad Pro (2020) – The A12Z is faster and more powerful than the A12. It also offers improved graphics support for advanced augmented reality.


Winner? iPad Pro (2020) – It’s got a dual-lens camera setup and also sports a new LiDAR sensor for augmented reality tasks. That’s not even to mention that the iPad Pro shoots 4K video while the iPad Air only shoots 1080p video.

Storage Options

iPad Pro (2020) vs iPad Air (3rd generation) – How Do Apple's Tablets Compare?
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Battery Life

Winner? Draw – The battery life is identical.



No question, the 2020 iPad Pro is as good as tablets get. It absolutely BLOWS the iPad Air (3rd generation) out of the water. Well, it blows it out of the water in all but one area: the price. The iPad Pro will set you back, at minimum, $799 whereas the iPad Air can be had for as little as $499.

Of course, with that extra cost comes a ton of extra features. The iPad Pro sports Face ID, an edge-to-edge display, Apple Pencil 2 support, a LiDAR sensor, dual-lens cameras, and much more.

If you want the best, there is only one winner: the 2020 iPad Pro.

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iPad Pro (2020) vs iPad Air (3rd generation): Specs

2020 iPad Pro
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Here are the specs for the iPad Pro (2020):

And here are the specs for the iPad Air (3rd generation):

iPad Pro (2020) vs iPad Air (3rd generation)
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