Best Tablet 2019 Guide: The 5 Best Options (iOS & Android)


Back in the tablet heydays of 2012-2013, it seemed like the devices were unstoppable. They were supposed to be revolutionary the way smartphones were revolutionary. Yet since then, tablet sales have been steadily declining year over year. It seems that most of us just don’t want to let go of our laptops and smartphones.

But that doesn’t mean tablets are useless. Indeed, they can be great content consumption–and even creation–devices. And the tablets on the market today are better than they have been during any time in the past. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up our list of our top favorite tablets of 2019. Looking for 2019’s best Android phones? Check them out here!

#1) iPad Pro–Best Creative Workhorse

ipad pro
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iPad Pro Pros:

  • Most powerful chipset in a tablet
  • With iPadOS, shipping this autumn, the iPad is finally more than just a big iPhone
  • Best display on the market

Without a doubt, the best tablet on the market you can buy is the iPad Pro. Introduced last autumn, the all-new iPad Pro features an edge-to-edge display and Face ID biometric authentication. It comes in two sizes: 12.9in and 11in and beneath those gorgeous displays is a powerhouse of productivity.

Inside you’ll find an INSANELY fast A12X chip–it’s actually faster than the Intel chips found in some laptops. You can actually edit 4K video on it without any lag. That’s not even to mention the optional Apple Pencil, dubbed by many as the best stylus ever made. The Pencil and the Pro work so well together, some artists are even saying its the first tablet that’s as good as a real pencil and paper.

#2) Microsoft Surface Go – Great For PC Replacement

Microsoft Surface Go
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Surface Go Pros:

  • It’s got the Windows you know and love
  • 4G option lets you connect anywhere
  • Use it as a tablet or laptop

If you’re a PC user that wants portability but doesn’t want to stray far from Windows, the Microsoft Surface Go is a perfect choice for you. The 10in tablet runs Windows 10 Home in S mode and features a multitouch display. But attach the optional Surface Go Signature Type Cover to it and you’ll transform it into a Windows laptop in seconds. The Go also comes in a 4G option so you’re always guaranteed to have Internet connectivity wherever you are.

#3) Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e – Best Android Tablet

Galaxy Tab S5e
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Galaxy Tab S5e Pros:

  • Looks like an iPad Pro
  • If you know how to use Android on your phone, there’s zero learning curve
  • Expandable storage

The best tablet for people in the Android ecosystem is the Galaxy Tab S5e. Like the iPad Pro, the Tab S5e features a beautiful edge-to-edge display. That display comes in at 10.5in and the tablet also features facial recognition so you can log in securely. The tablet also packs 4GB of RAM and either a 64GB or 128GB hard drive with expansion options up to another 512GB via external memory. And of course, it runs the latest Android and all the apps and games that support it.

#4) iPad mini–All-around Best Low-Cost Tablet

ipad mini
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iPad mini Pros:

  • Lowest-cost tablet Apple makes
  • Small size makes it perfect for purses
  • Works with Apple Pencil

If you’re just looking for a tablet to play games, run apps, and browse the web, you can’t go wrong with the iPad mini. It runs the exact same OS as the full-sized iPad, but comes in at a fraction of the cost. The iPad mini is also a pretty powerful productivity machine in its own right–7.9in display aside. It offers support for the original Apple Pencil and packs an A12 Bionic chip inside. It’ll also run the brand new iPadOS coming out later this year.

#5) Google Pixel Slate–Best Runner-Up

Google Pixel Slate
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Pixel Slate Pros:

  • Gorgeous display
  • If you want a Chrome OS tablet made by Google, this is your last chance
  • Wide array of processor, RAM, and storage options

I know, I know. If Google makes its own tablet, why isn’t it up higher on this list? It’s simply because Google’s Pixel Slate tablet isn’t long for this world. The company has recently announced that it is getting out of the tablet business altogether. Google will still make a version of Android that runs on tablets, but the search giant isn’t going to be producing any tablet hardware itself from here on out.

Still, the Pixel Slate is an excellent Android tablet that is still available now. It features a beautiful 12.3in display and offers multiple processor options including the Intel m3, 15, and i7 chips. Storage options range from 64GB to 256GB and you can get up to 16GB of RAM in select Slates. As for the operating system, it runs Chrome OS, which gives this tablet more of a desktop feel.

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