The Samsung Galaxy X Isn’t What We Expected After All


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Ever since the news broke that Samsung was making a folding phone, it has been referred to as the ‘Galaxy X’ – a near-mythical device which could change everything as far as smartphone design is concerned.

While Samsung certainly isn’t the only company making a folding phone, it’s arguably the most high-profile, so it’s little wonder that tech-heads all over the world are waiting with bated breath to see precisely what this Galaxy X will look like.

The thing is, Samsung’s folding phone might not be the Galaxy X after all. Serial leaker Ice Universe – who has a solid track record for this kind of thing – has tweeted saying that the ‘X’ branding relates to a variant of the upcoming Galaxy S10, and not the folding phone.

Dubbed ‘Beyond X’, this new phone will apparently Samsung’s first to boast 5G support and will come with a massive 6.7-inch screen. That means we’ll be getting not three but four different S10 editions – although Beyond X is expected to launch later in 2019, after the S10, S10 Lite and S10 Plus. The bad news? Ice Universe thinks this swanky device will only launch in South Korea and the US, so we might not get it in Europe. Boo.


So what of this magical folding phone, then? Well, Galaxy F – or Galaxy Flex – have previously been mentioned as possible names, so we could see it launch under that branding.

Given that Samsung will be releasing four variants of its Galaxy S10 flagship next year – as well as the yearly update of the popular Galaxy Note handset – squeezing in yet another premium device could be a tall order; there’s such a thing as too many AAA handsets, after all.

We already know that the Galaxy F (if that should be its name) will be an expensive proposition, so it could be that Samsung either bites off more than it can chew in its quest to win this next tech war, or – perhaps even worse – it cannibalises its own sales by tempting its fans away from the S10 with the new folding phone.

Whatever happens in 2019, Samsung can be content in the knowledge that it will have at least a year’s head start on Apple when it comes to 5G support. The next iPhone is not expected to use the new mobile standard, which means Samsung fans could be enjoying super-fast data speeds for 12 months before their iPhone-loving mates. This might end up being a hollow victory, however, as many places in the UK don’t even have solid and reliable 3G yet, and we can’t imagine the introduction of 5G to these areas is going to be speedy.

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