Samsung unveils 12-megapixel Pixon 12


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Samsung has detailed a new 12-megapixel phone, the Pixon 12. The current Pixon was one of our favourites in our cameraphone test, so hopefully the Pixon 12 will continue, and improve, the trend set by its predecessor.

The Pixon 12 uses a wide-angle 28mm sensor, while the high megapixel count should hopefully mitigate for the fact that it doesn’t feature an optical zoom- the one thing that still sets apart camera phones from cameras. It does however offer touch autofocus, so that the camera focuses wherever you touch, and a variety of scene modes.

A full touchscreen phone, the Pixon 12 has a 3.1-inch AMOLED display, GPS and compatibility with up to 16GB MicroSD cards.

A 12-megapixel camera is fast becoming the standard that all the main handset manufacturers are aiming for, but we’ll have to wait for the release to see whether it’ll actually result in better photos. The Pixon 12 is due to hit Europe in late June, while other regions will get their hands on it in August.

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