Samsung Trademarks Galaxy S8 “Infinity Display”


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Previously the Samsung Galaxy series has had its curved “EDGE” display, originally along one edge with the Galaxy Note 4 EDGE, and subsequently along both edges with the Galaxy S6 EDGE and beyond. Now, of course, with the Galaxy S8 series, this curved display design that flows over the sides of the phone is expected to appear on both Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus models, and neither will apparently sport the name EDGE in their official monikers.

We’ve also seen rumours that the display will have an 18:9 ratio, just like the LG G6’s new (also trademarked) “FullVision” display. In both cases of Samsung and LG, the displays are the focal point of the whole device with pioneering new tech to deliver the best visuals, as well as cool new design.

So, it seems, Samsung has decided to trademark a new name for its display tech; we don’t know if the “EDGE” name is being ditched, but what is coming along is the “Infinity Display”. We are hoping this does usurp the EDGE display name, EDGE wasn’t a great name, as all displays have an edge, after all, it’s just that the members of the Galaxy series sporting it had curvy ones. Well, “Infinity Display” does sound better, as it reminds us of an Infinity pool, which is also what the curvy-edged displays look like, in our view.

The USPTO filing for the trademarked name doesn’t tell us much, other than this display design is specifically used for mobile devices, but the name Infinity Display has been rumoured for Samsung’s Galaxy S8 before. As they say, if the shoe fits…

We’d be interested in your thoughts on the name and any ideas for possible new features the Infinity Display might feature. What do you reckon? Do you prefer EDGE Display or Infinity Display? Let us know in the comments below.

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