Samsung to pilot “True Wireless Charging” in late 2014


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Samsung might be the first smartphone manufacturer to offer true wireless charging in the second half of 2014, according to reports out of Korea.

We say “true” wireless charging because although wireless charging in phones already exists via charging pads, the phone still needs to be physically touching the pad. The holy grail is being able to have your phone charge simply by being in the same room as a charging unit – and that’s exactly what Samsung is toying with, according to Korean newspaper ETNews.

We say “toying with”, but Samsung has plunged a decent level of investment into the tech already with $4 million being injected into New Zealand company PowerbyProxi. Samsung is understood to be working very closely with the Kiwi firm on wireless charging projects.

The reports describe the wireless charging tech as using magnetic resonance which will allow a charge to pass to the phone even while you’re using it, as long as you’re a short distance away. Current tech uses magnetic induction which needs the phone to be in contact with the pad even though it doesn’t connect physically with wires.

Quite what devices we’ll see this tech used with is totally up in the air at the moment, although with reports that the Galaxy S5 will arrive in January it’s probably not going to be the Galaxy S flagship. With a later half of 2014 bracket projected for the wireless charging tech, could we see it aboard the Galaxy Note 4? Exciting stuff.

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