Samsung to launch handset on 15th June


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Samsung will launch a new handset at the finale of its Unpacked event running from the 10th to 15th of June.

The event seems to be an elaborate game of pass the parcel and is being hosted in London, Dubai and Singapore. Starting on the 10th June the parcel will be passed between selected recipients and along the way each person tears off a layer, winning one of the new handsets in the process.

To sweeten the deal further there’s also going to be a $5000 grand prize awarded along the way.

The image on the Samsung Unpacked site looks a little like a schematic, and seems to indicate that the new handset will take either a sliding or clamshell form factor.

Unsurprisingly, no other details on the handset were given, but then that would just ruin the surprise wouldn’t it.

If you’d like to get your chance to be one of those lucky people then point your browser at the Unpacked event page.

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