Samsung Solid toughened mobile phone gets release


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Samsung and O2 have released a toughened mobile designed to take a few knocks and splashes and bounce back for more. The Samsung Solid is Samsung’s first phone that’s designed to be ultra-durable, coming in a thick rubber body with water-resistant, dust-resistant and knock-proof casing.

Aimed at mobile users who need a handset that can handle rough treatment – such as tradesmen, builders, outdoors types or sports people – the Samsung Solid will be available for free on O2 contract deals or for £59.99 on O2 Pay As You Go.

The Samsung Solid is a dual-band GPRS handset that has a basic VGA camera built in. It’s resistant to water and dust up to IP54 rating, and is designed withstand occasional drops and knocks too. A flashlight feature is included in the spec, and the Solid features a long life battery inside.

A novel SOS dialling feature enables users to send an alert message automatically to a designated contact by pressing the volume control three times in quick succession. Once activated, the next call to come in is automatically answered, so anyone in an emergency situation will be able to take the call without having to press buttons.

Other features that might get an approving nod from its target audience include a built in FM radio and Bluetooth connectivity.

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