Samsung reveals 40 million Galaxy S4 sales to date


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Samsung has revealed it has achieved 40 million sales of the Samsung Galaxy S4 since its release in April this year.

This means Samsung has hit the 40 million sales mark for its flagship about a month quicker than it did with the previous model, the Galaxy S3, which achieved 40 million sales in seven months.

Reports have repeatedly suggested that despite these strong figures, with 20 million in two months and 30 million in four months, Samsung is still not satisfied and was perhaps expecting even more sales in a shorter timespan.

This is possibly why the company recently re-launched the Galaxy S4 with an updated Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor and there are rumours that it has moved its schedule to bring a successor, the Galaxy S5, to market as early as January/February 2014.

So far there have been conflicting rumours, with some sources saying we will see a more premium build, possibly involving metal, while others say it will be the same as the Galaxy Note 3 with a faux leather back panel.

We’ve also heard it could be waterproof, use a new generation of Samsung’s Exynos chip, dubbed Exynos 6, which may be a 64-bit octo-core with heterogeneous multiprocessing, and it could be sporting a 16-megapixel camera with optical image stabilisation.

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