Samsung Nexus Two coming to T-Mobile first?


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Google’s Nexus Two is a device which has been on everyone’s lips in the last week. Talk of specification, form factor and release date have been doing the rounds, yet we haven’t even had the device confirmed by either Samsung or Google..yet.

In the last 36 hours talk has moved away from proposed specification and on to other, more trifling suppositions. The latest of which being that the device will launch on T-Mobile as an exclusive.

Now, call us cynical, but we aren’t so sure that’s going to be the case.

Picture it. You’re Google. You fubar’d the launch of your first device and crippled it with poor after-sales support. Second time around you choose to re-think your sales strategy and sign deals with Best Buy and Carphone Warehouse to distribute your shiny new baby. Why would you choose vendors like that if you were planning on locking the device down to one provider?

Will the launch be SIM-free as originally reported or can we expect to be tied to T-Mob if we want to get our hands on this new pocket powerhouse?

What do you think?

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