Samsung Jet available for pre-order


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The Samsung Jet has app racked up more than two million pre-orders since its official launch.

What you do get for your £350 is a 3.1-inch AM-OLED touchscreen display, 5-megapixel camera and that pacey 800Mhz processor.

The Jet also comes with other necessities such as GPS, HSDPA connectivity, and Samsung’s popular TouchWiz UI sat atop a custom in-house OS.

The Jet has already launched here in the UK on Vodafone, but is due to go on sale in 50 countries, along with other UK networks, next month.

The device may not have full smartphone credentials, but there is one seemingly important trait that it shares with the new iPhone 3G S – an 800Mhz processor, which seems to have convinced the pre-ordering public that bigger really does mean better.


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