Samsung Gear VR Now JUST $100 In The US


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If you’re in the US, you can now pick up a Gear VR 2017 for as little as $100. Amazon US has the headset listed for $99.99, a saving of $30 from the usual RRP.

And whether you’re inside or outside the US, check out our link below for the best Gear VR deals:

Read on for a full breakdown of what makes the Gear VR 2017 tick… 

Samsung, as expected, is present at MWC 2017 even though it’s not launching the Galaxy S8 there, however, at the company’s keynote presentation it did indeed launch a new generation Gear VR headset. As per the rumour mill, the new Gear VR features a standalone controller.


This dedicated controller replaces the somewhat fiddly touch-sensitive control panel the older Gear VR incorporated directly into the side of the headset. The new handheld iteration features a touchpad as well as button input, a “rocker” type key, and a “trigger”; Samsung says it lets the user “point, drag and drop, tilt, shoot, among other actions, while the Trigger allows for enhanced gaming experiences.” It uses a pair of AAA batteries and incorporates a wrist-strap similar to the Nintendo Wii.

Amongst the tech crammed into the latest headset is a set of 42mm lenses designed for a 101-degree field-of-view (FOV) purpose-built with advanced distortion correction to reduce the motion sickness some VR users can experience. In order to keep backwards compatibility, Samsung has engineered the headset with both MicroUSB and the new Type-C USB support. It is apparently compatible with the Galaxy S6 and above.

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