Samsung Galaxy Tab priced at £599.99 in UK


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The Samsung Galaxy Tab has finally had its price confirmed – and it’s still dearer than an iPad!

Initially the Samsung Galaxy Tab was meant to hit retail at the overly ambitious price of £700, but now it would seem, at least according to DSG Group (owner of PC World and Currys) in a statement to pocketlint, the tablet will cost a less painful £599.99.

Whilst it is nice the unit price has dropped to a more ‘sensible’ amount, it still makes the addition of a camera and flash support, something not featured on Apple’s iPad, around £70 pounds more for the privilege (Apple iPad 16GB 3G is £529).

Unfortunately, the DSG Group price quoted does not state whether it includes VAT, but we hedge our bets it does. Samsung would be wise to compete price-on-price as best they can if they wish to compete with the Jobs Empire.

If the price seems too high, fear not. Networks like Vodafone, who have already confirmed they will be stocking the tablet from November 1st, will likely subsidise the cost if you take out a contract.

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