Samsung Galaxy S9 Super Fast Charging & In-Display Fingerprint Scanner Tipped


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The Samsung Galaxy S9 series is said to be coming relatively early inside 2018, within the first quarter, according to multiple leaks and tip-offs so far; more leaks are starting to corroborate on what new features and hardware we’re going to see aboard the new devices.

The latest comes from two different sources. First up, we have word from Synaptics which has just revealed a new fingerprint scanner design, the much-coveted “In-Display” design that many phone makers have tried and failed to implement within the last year and a bit. The firm dropped a fairly big hint that the hardware may find its way inside the Galaxy S9 series, and it wouldn’t be the first time we’ve heard of the idea of the Galaxy S9 packing such technology.

By In-Display we mean that the fingerprint scanner is embedded inside the display glass and allows the user to scan their fingerprint by placing it on a particular section of the screen. This has been something many smartphone makers have wanted to implement since the trend for ultra-wide 18:9 aspect ratio displays emerged, leaving little in the way of front-facing bodywork remaining to put a scanner inside and leaving many OEMs placing the scanner on the rear panel.

Some phone makers have gone with more extreme solutions; Apple chose to do away with a fingerprint entirely and instead opted for Face ID facial scanning and recognition.

Anyway, despite the fact that prominent analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (KGI Securities) has said the Galaxy Note 9 will be the first phone to feature in-display scanning tech, Synaptics announced the Clear ID FS9500 scanner unit which it says is designed for handsets with near bezel-less form factors. Synaptics said the scanner can read a user fingerprint with a single touch on the specified screen sector, and the module is now entering mass production already; the firm even confirmed the scanner design will be used on a smartphone being created by a “Top 5” device OEM.

That doesn’t narrow it down to a Samsung device in and of itself, but the firm’s press release went one further by saying “with the industry quickly shifting to bezel-free OLED infinity displays, the natural placement of the fingerprint sensor is in the display itself.”

Now ask yourself, who is the market lead when it comes to OLED displays? Also, who has an OLED display design dubbed “Infinity Display”? Yup, it’s Samsung.

Onto the next thing; the super-fast charging.

High-speed charging on flagships isn’t all that new, and it has been a feature built-into Qualcomm’s recent flagship chips that most of them have been running via Qualcomm Quick Charge. However, according to some new details Samsung’s Galaxy S9 series may have a major secret weapon with even faster charging speeds than we’ve become somewhat accustomed to.

With the size of battery cells somewhat stagnant, the only solutions to better battery life experiences for consumers are to make the phones sip battery power more conservatively, and to make the handset’s quicker to charge when they do run low. 

We already know that some Samsung Galaxy S9 series units will use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845, which the chip-maker revealed supports new Qualcomm Quick Charge 4+. However, that won’t be the same in all markets, as Samsung has made it a habit of launching Qualcomm-based devices in the North American market only; everywhere else tends to get much the same phone, except the beating heart is replaced by its own Exynos processor desgins.

In terms of nanometre architecture, number of cores, features, and speeds, the contemporary Exynos chips are usually comparable to their Qualcomm alternatives, but Samsung will apparently employ something called Adaptive Fast Charge for the Samsung Galaxy S9 series.

Adaptive Fast Charge will allegedly provide the same super fast charge speeds on every Samsung Galaxy S9 device regardless of the processor design inside. In order to be able to do this, however, Samsung will likely have some kind of alternative to Qualcomm Quick Charge aboard its new Exynos processors.

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