Samsung Galaxy S9 Four Launch Colours Tipped


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The Samsung Galaxy S9 is due to arrive at some point in the opening months of 2018 according to multiple reports and rumours, and now we have some idea of what colour options consumers will be choosing from thanks to new details from reputable source SamMobile.

The publication, which has been very accurate regarding Samsung rumours in the past, says the flagship will come in four colour variants.

With the Galaxy S8 series, it launched with five colour choices, but not every colour was available in every region, most only had two or three of the colours, and some were rolled out later to different territories; for example, the Coral Blue edition arrived a little while after the initial launch.

Allegedly one of the new colours for the Galaxy S9 will be purple/violet – this was a colour previously leaked and rumoured for the Galaxy S8 but one that never became reality.

The remaining three colours will be black, gold, and blue, keeping with Samsung’s already established colour set. Of course Samsung could be hiding a few additional colours for subsequent release as well; something it seems to have done fairly regularly.

We don’t know at this point whether the Galaxy S9 will be the same as the Galaxy S8 series where the front fascia is black regardless of the colour choice. Interestingly, having introduced a Burgundy Red Galaxy S8 recently, there’s no mention of a similar colour on the Galaxy S9 just yet.

At this stage, things may not be fully finalised, however, as colour choices are one of the few elements of smartphone design that don’t require half a year’s worth of planning in advance and can be changed relatively last minute if need be. Samsung may have a few additional colours not picked up by this rumour cycle just yet, for example, we may see the Arctic Silver and Orchid Grey colours making a return as well.

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