Samsung Galaxy S9 Display Will Cover 90% of Handset’s Frontage


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We’ve seen some reports that the Galaxy S9 will allegedly have a near 90% screen-to-body ratio, which has lead to a lot of speculation about how this will be achieved.

Some have suggested Samsung may be looking to up the display ratio even higher than the current 18:9 trend (18.5:9 on the Galaxy S8 series), with a proposed 21:9 aspect ratio possibly accounting for the high screen-to-body ratio.

According to a new report, however, this is not the case. An insider source, who is said to have a good track record for Samsung-related details, is cited by as saying that they have found information to suggest the higher screen-to-body ratio will be achieved by Samsung thinning the edge bezels down even more on the Galaxy S9.

The screen size and ratio itself, will apparently not be expanding, but Samsung will trim and shave off as much of the bodywork bezel as it can for the new flagship. The result, if you can imagine it, is that you’ll basically be holding a display panel in your hand with a back panel cemented to it. This does, however, raise the question of whether Samsung will follow Apple’s example of introducing a display notch for the front-facing camera and other sensors usually housed in the top bezel.

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