Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE+ Outed By Case-Maker: To Launch Alongside Samsung Galaxy Note 7?


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In 2015 Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 5 alongside the Galaxy S6 EDGE+ at an event in New York, but what emerged in subsequent weeks was that the Galaxy Note 5 was only destined for release in North America and Asia, while the European market would get the Galaxy S6 EDGE+ instead, much to the chagrin of us Brits and our European neighbours.

Plenty of attention was paid to this restriction of the Note 5, and many expected the stylus-equipped phablet to land in Europe in the following months, but that never occured. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S6 EDGE+, while a decent enough handset in its own right, sort of faded into relative obscurity as a somewhat unwanted “second choice” for many.

It’s understandable then, that this year, 2016, there’s been a lot of focus on the Galaxy Note 7 (previously thought to be the Galaxy Note 6) and the idea of a global launch of this device. In that vein we’ve heard pretty much nothing on the subject of a Galaxy S6 EDGE+ successor and it seems to be generally thought that that branch of the product catalogue had been put to bed.

Not so, perhaps, at least if this latest surprise has any merit. Accessory-maker ArmorSuit has listed several cases and screen protectors on its website which are marked as being intended for the Galaxy S7 EDGE+. The listings don’t reveal any details for this alleged model; there is no sizing or display measurement, but the Galaxy S6 EDGE+ has a 5.7in display. The emergence of this info leads us to think that Samsung may launch a Galaxy S7 EDGE+ alongside the Galaxy Note 7 at its August 2 event (also in New York). Here’s hoping Sammy doesn’t pull the same faux pas again and launch the Note 7 in only select countries. 


It’s not unusual for case-makers to get early access to new phone designs in order to make cases, but it is odd that we’ve heard nothing of this device until now. We will be keeping an eye out for similar reveals from other accessory firms and leaks from the rumour mill more generally.

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