Samsung Galaxy S10 To Come In FIVE Colour Choices


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Prominent tipster Ice Universe has dished some gossip on next year’s Samsung Galaxy S10, which will apparently come in as many as five colour options. That’s one more than the Galaxy Note 9.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Colours

Silver, pink, white, green, and black are tipped, meaning Samsung is bringing back some colour from its older ranges. We haven’t seen a white Samsung phone since the Galaxy S7, while silver and pink were options for the Galaxy S8 in 2017. Green hasn’t been an option since the Galaxy S6 EDGE!

Black is the only colour the Galaxy S10 seems to share with the Galaxy Note 9, with the former’s purple, blue, and copper options nowhere to be seen.

It’s interesting that blue isn’t making a return, as this has been popular on recent Galaxy flagships and is reportedly one of the most popular for Galaxy Note 9 pre-orders so far. Copper has proven popular on rival devices so it’s no wonder Samsung used it on the Galaxy Note 9, but interesting it’s already thinking of dropping it moving forward. Also there’s no sign of gold making a comeback.

What About The Galaxy S10 Plus?

What’s not clear, however, is how this applies to the allged three phones that will be coming under the Galaxy S10 brand. Are these colours just the regular Galaxy S10? What about the Galaxy S10 Plus? Or the alleged third, cheaper Galaxy S10 variant? Hopefully all will be revealed in time.

There’s also a lot of time for things to change; the Galaxy S10 is expected inside Q1 2019 and production won’t have geared up yet. Indeed, of all the design decisions, choosing which colour to produce in is probably one of the easier ones for Samsung to change its mind over.

Samsung may also want to watch how its current colour line-up for the Galaxy Note 9 performs moving forward, if, for example, copper sees a sudden surge in interest, we’d imagine it’s likely it’ll get shuffled back into the Galaxy S10 plans somehow.

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