Samsung Galaxy S10 Release Date: COMING Inside Q1 2019 (Watch Out Pixel 3)


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The Samsung Galaxy S10 will get a release date inside Q1 2019. This is usual; Samsung’s Galaxy S releases always happen inside Q1 – have done for years.

But this year, the Galaxy S10 release will be rather different. Like Apple, Samsung is releasing three distinct models in its Galaxy S10 series – and there looks to be one for every kind of user.

Ice Universe, a guy known for his Samsung leaks, recently revealed some information about Samsung’s Galaxy S10 phones. Specifically: how the three models will differ.

The Three Samsung Galaxy S10 Models Detailed

According to the leaker, Samsung’s Galaxy S10 models will look something like this:

  • SM-G970 5.8 flat display
  • SM-G973 5.8 edge display
  • SM-G975 6.44 edge display

What does this mean? Simple: there’ll be an entry level model that WILL NOT have an EDGE display. This will be the cheapest option a la Apple’s iPhone XR.

The 5.8in model and the 6.44in model will both feature Samsung’s distinctive OLED panels and will likely retail for a lot more than the entry level phone.

The 6.44in Samsung Galaxy S10 will be the “flagship”, meaning it’ll retail for well over $1000 and pack in the latest tech, specs, and other bells and whistles.

Samsung Galaxy S10 With 5G Connectivity?

There has also been talk of a fourth model, one that will feature support for 5G connectivity.

This handset is not officially official just yet, but there have been plenty of rumors about it during the last few weeks.

Either way, Q1 2019 will see three Galaxy S10 handsets announced, across a range of price points, with the smallest retailing for around the $700 mark, while the big flagship model tipping the $1200 mark.

This means Samsung can compete with Apple on every front, as well as offer a cheaper, more affordable option for those that can’t afford to pay four figures for a phone.

As for the 5G Galaxy S10, I guess that will all depend on how the 5G rollout goes between now and 2019…

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