Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Cases Get Official Before Big Reveal


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The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is perhaps the most anticipated phone of 2016 for Android fans. Next to the OnePlus 3, HTC 10 and Samsung Galaxy S7, the Note range is usually a good excuse to get excited — unless you happened to live in the UK or Europe last year, that is.

The Galaxy Note 7 will launch on August 2, at an event in New York. We know this much, as Samsung has now confirmed it. But a potential curveball for the day is this: word on the street suggests Samsung wants to release the Galaxy Note 7 on the same day it launches.

Whatever ends up happening, you can always rely on one thing to fan the flames of speculation ahead of a big launch — case makers. And today, we received word from Mobile Fun that they have a bunch of Galaxy Note 7 cases officially available on their site.

These Galaxy Note 7 cases are, to quote Mobile Fun verbatim, “official Samsung cases and accessories for the Galaxy Note 7,” which means the brands that created these cases — Spigen and Rearth in this context — know quite a bit about the Galaxy Note 7 ahead of launch.

Unfortunately, they don’t share any of the information in the description for the cases themselves, which is a shame. But, fear not, there have been plenty of leaks to date — so many that we pretty much know EXACTLY what the Galaxy Note 7 will be like.

For ALL the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 rumours, check out our extensive rumours-hub on the Galaxy Note 7.

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