Samsung Galaxy Note 6: TWO Test Models Spotted; One With Curved EDGE Display. But There Can ONLY Be One!


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Samsung is allegedly working on TWO Galaxy Note 6 models, one of which reportedly features a curved display, which may well be an ‘edge’ branded display. It’s not too surprising really considering the last two generations of Galaxy S flagship have featured two models, on with a curved edge display, and that the Galaxy Note series previously saw the introduction of the firm’s first ever curved edge display aboard the Galaxy Note EDGE, which launched alongside the Galaxy Note 4 model.

The word comes via Dutch website GSMHelpDesk and sources it claims are reliable; it says that the two models detailed are in the testing phase and, importantly, Samsung is yet to decide between the duo, but it is heavily implied the firm will only pick one. That means we shouldn’t expect to see a dual-launch of two models, one with a curved screen and one without, as we have for the last two generations of Galaxy S flagships.

This means that the Galaxy Note 6 is definitely being set up to replace the Galaxy Note 5, as expected, but if it launches with a curved display it could mean the end of flat displays on the Note series and would also mean the Galaxy Note 6 covers the role of the Galaxy S6 edge+ category, which Samsung is yet to re-jig for the Galaxy S7 generation.

And this makes a bunch of sense too. Curved panels is now Samsung’s signature party piece; they also look stunning. Nothing else in the mobile space has the same eye-catching appeal as Samsung’s current generation Galaxy S7 EDGE, so it makes sense for Samsung, when pushing a new handset, to use this visual USP to sell other models on its books.

Given the choice between the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 EDGE, I’d take the EDGE every single time. For me it’s a no brainer, sort of like choosing between 720p HDTV or a 1080p one. The former will suffice, but why settle for suffice when you can have something better for not much more of an outlay? Plus, Samsung’s curved panels are no longer beta; they’ve been around for years now and as a result are a lot more useful than when they first appeared.

Reports inside 2016 following the launch of the Galaxy S7 series have shown that in terms of sales, shipments and pre-orders, the Galaxy S7 edge appears to be the far more popular of the two. In other words, edge displays are appreciated by Samsung’s consumer base, so it’s not a shock to find out that Samsung has taken action with this information. Introducing the edge variant to the Galaxy Note series once again certainly makes a lot of sense, particularly as it’s a phone concept with added-functionality at the heart of its design ethos.

The report doesn’t detail specs, so we have to assume they are similar to previously leaked information – this includes a 5.8in QHD display panel (Super AMOLED, of course), 32GB onboard storage with microSD support, the Galaxy S7’s 12MP camera setup, a 4,000mAh battery cell and a staggering 6GB of RAM backing up the processor; at this stage we don’t know which chip though, but there are two possibilities with a rumoured new-gen Exynos octa-core or the Qualcomm Snapdragon 823. Of course, Samsung’s usual MO is to go with both and distribute different editions between markets.

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