Samsung Galaxy F Release Date Delayed (AGAIN!!!)


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Excited about the prospect of a foldable Samsung Galaxy F phone? Well, you might want to curb your enthusiasm… The Galaxy F is delayed. AGAIN.

According to T3, Samsung’s pushed back the release date of the Galaxy F by 12 months, meaning we won’t see it in 2019.

It will now, most likely, launch in 2020. This will give the Samsung Galaxy S10 center stage for 2019 alongside the Galaxy Note 10 which will launch later on in the year.

How Long Does A Phone Take To Get Right?

What you have to remember is that this phone, the Galaxy F, has been rumored for almost three years now.

Back then it was called the Galaxy X, though. Either way, this phone has been rumored since 2015, making it the worst kept secret in tech history.

Even one of Samsung’s top brass confirmed the phone was coming this year, so what exactly happened?

What Happened To Samsung Galaxy F Release Date?

Short answer: no one knows, really.

Samsung has had a run of issues this year with delays on things, so it could just be a case of knock-on effects from that.

A more likely scenario is that the phone doesn’t work properly; something could be amiss with the design, and lord knows Samsung can’t handle another battery-related fiasco. One’s enough for any company.

Samsung still wants to be the first to do this, however. Whether that will happen now remains to seen.

Personally, I can see Huawei beating Samsung to market with a foldable phone. Or maybe even Apple. Probably not though.

Either way, if you want a Samsung phone that folds you’re going to be waiting until at least 2020. And, who knows, by then it could be delayed again…

At least we got the Galaxy S10 to look forward to, right?

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