Samsung Galaxy A8 Colours Tipped


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All the rumours are pointing towards a launch of the Samsung Galaxy A8 very soon, but the latest blurb is a small snippet of info detailing what colours we can expect to see the handset offered in.

According to Twitter source Roland Quandt, who has been well-informed on such matters in the past, the Galaxy A8 will launch in three colour options. However, for anyone hoping for anything radically different from what’s come before, we’re sorry to disappoint but Samsung’s options do appear to be pretty much identical to what’s come before; black, gold, and orchid grey.

Not that there’s anything wrong with these colour options of course; black is a good standard option to have, gold is nice and visually interesting, and an orchid grey variant, if Samsung’s previous implementations of this hue are any indication, will have a slightly purple tint.

Orchid Grey colour options have so far only been available on Samsung’s higher-end flagships, including the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8, additionally it hasn’t been available in all regions, primarly being an exclusive inside the Asian market. It will be interesting to see if it makes its way to wider distribution on the Galaxy A8.

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