Samsung Galaxy A5 2018 Pictured Wearing Case


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There’s been a fair few leaks regarding the forthcoming 2018 reboot of the Samsung Galaxy A series; the Galaxy A3, Galaxy A5, and Galaxy A7, but so far something of a shortage of images. That changes now with the Samsung Galaxy A5 2018 appearing in a series of images via reputable source SamMobile; in the renders the phone is shown wearing a selection of cases.

The renders are from retailer MobileFun and the cases are made by Olixar, which has a track record of showcasing handset designs early via its case renders.


One case appears to be clear, showing a black phone underneath with the Samsung logo visible; two others are clear but colour tinted in purple and aqua (again, visible Samsung logo), while the last one is an opaque black case (no Samsung logo visible).


All of the renders demonstrate a few of the phone’s design features.

First of all, the Galaxy A5 2018 is clearly packing the rumoured 18:9 aspect ratio Infinity Display, which is Super AMOLED.


Secondly, we’re looking at a single-sensor camera setup with the fingerprint scanner moved to below the sensor – on the Galaxy S8 series and Galaxy Note 8 the fingerprint scanner was adjacent to the camera sensor (on the right if you’re facing the back panel) which proved an unpopular position due to its awkward operation.


Lastly, we can see the handset has a volume rocker, plus two other physical keys, one on each side of the device; one of these, likely the one on the left of the phone (if you are facing the screen) will be a dedicated Bixby key to activate the built-in AI assistant, a feature we saw on the Galaxy S8 series and Galaxy Note 8 as well.

All the Samsung Galaxy A series phones are expected to share similar features as usual, including the Infinity Display, Bixby, and fingerprint scanner implementation. They’ll all run Android Nougat out the box and are thought to be arriving very early inside 2018, as in, the first couple of months.

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