Samsung and LG curved OLED smartphones launching in October


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Both Samsung and LG may launch curved smartphones made using flexible OLED screen technology later this month, reports suggest.

Samsung has gone ahead and made it officially official, confirming that it was working on a curved display handset for October when a company spokesperson talked to Asian Daily, explaining that it will be a Limited Edition Galaxy Note 3. Whether it will be available outside of Korea, however, remains a mystery — although Samsung’s CEO has since provided additional confirmation that the new handset will be announced this month.

LG’s also setting wheels in motion with details leaking to ZDNet Korea that an LG Z or LG Z1 is in production with a concave touch display and an aim to launch during the month. Could LG run up against issues with Sony with regards to the Xperia Z and Xperia Z1?

Both handsets are expected to feature curved displays which will be highly resistant to damage due to their flexible nature, but the rest of the phone designs are thought to be relatively conventional with a rigid, though shaped, chassis. Battery tech and other hardware is yet to adjust to the flexible design concept, though there’s plenty of development going on in this area.

It seems unlikely that either device will make it out of LG and Samsung’s homeland of Korea as flexible OLED currently isn’t up to large-scale mass manufacturing, as with the curved display Galaxy Note 3 model being a Limited Edition, it’s probable that LG’s handset will also be a small batch handset.

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