Now Samsung is ditching Symbian


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Samsung has confirmed that it will no longer be using the Symbian OS in its smartphones – looks like it’s Android and Windows Phone 7 all the way, then.

According to Engadget, an email was sent out to registered Symbian developers stating that Samsung would no longer be using the Symbian platform, “closing its Symbian forum” and “removing all Symbian content by the year’s end.”

This is pretty bad news for Nokia, seeing as its just about to roll-out Symbian^3, but who can really blame either Sony Ericsson or Samsung? After all, Symbian has refused to evolve over time and has gone from being the world’s number one OS to an antiquated system used predominantly in Nokia devices that have struggled to keep up with both Apple and Android handsets ever since they first arrived on the scene.

Plus, Samsung now has Bada, Windows Phone 7 and Android at its disposal. And with these four operating systems on side, who, exactly, is going to want Symbian?

A lot of people have suggested that Symbian^3 can save Nokia, but in light of current events (notably Sony Ericsson and Samsung ditching it) it’s getting increasingly hard to share this assertion – even if Nokia has made a lot of improvements to the lastest version of the OS.



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