Menu transition effects on the Samsung G600


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Think you’re just another mobile phone user? Think again. With the Samsung G600, you can become a film director, sort of. The G600’s Menu transition effect give you a choice of four movie-style transitions as you switch from one menu to the next.

To change your transition settings, from the standby mode:

  • Click Menu, highlight Settings and click Select
  • Highlight Display settings and click Select
  • Highlight Menu transition effects (item 8) and click Select

The four transition options – Slide, Door, Zoom and Fade – are self-explanatory. You can also switch transitions off by selection Off, but where’s the fun in that?

To choose a transition, highlight its name using the up and down nav keys, and click Save. You’ll see your new transition in action as you’re returned to the Display settings menu.

Click the red End call key to return to standby mode.

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