How to use the Pictures Hub on the Samsung Omnia 7


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The Samsung Focus’ Pictures Hub shows you a stream of all your contacts’ Facebook, Windows Live photos, as well as displaying the pictures you’ve taken on the device and those you’ve synched with your PC.

We talk you through the features of the Pictures Hub.

Pictures Hub overview

There are a number of different features in the Samsung Focus’ Picture Hub. Here’s some information to get you started.

  • Pictures Mosaic: A showcase of pictures from your All view. The mosaic will change every five times you turn your phone on. If you sync your Samsung Focus with Zune on PC or Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac before going to the Pictures Hub, all your synched photos will be displayed here.
  • What’s New: This area displays all the newest pictures from your social networks including Facebook and Windows Live. They include all the pictures your friends and family uploaded to their social networks.
  • Picture collection: Here, you can choose how you view your pictures, Select an album, date or your favorites. When you add a picture as a favorite, you can pin it to your Start screen.
  • Hub background: Here you can choose which picture you’d like to have on the background of the Pictures Hub. Select change the background to choose a picture or Change it for me to have a random picture appear.
  • Zune software: This will sync all your pictures from your phone with your PC.

How to change pictures to your photos
When you first turn on your Samsung Focus, you’ll notice that the photos you see are ones from the pre installed 7 folder in the Pictures Hub. To have your own pictures show, you’ll need to delete the 7 folder by tapping it and selecting delete.

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